2019 Beer Menu


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s
— 5.2%ABV

A session IPA coming in at 5.2% ABV that was made with our friends in the band, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. We used Simcoe, Waimea, and Azacca hops to give it some earthy, piney, citrus of lemon and lime as well as tropical notes like mango, papaya, and pineapple. Pigeons eat seeds, so that is our malts, 2 row and wheat, berries so there is a hint of Blackberry, and insects, so freeze dried crickets were added to the boil for true pigeon satisfaction.

“Already Gold”

More info coming soon.

“Fruition’s Fire”
— 4.7%

Berliner Weiss style with peaches and fresh Jalapeños. 4.7% ABV Hazy, golden color was brewed with Fruition. Their last album release titled Fire was the inspiration for some fresh jalapeño and Fruition for the peach aroma and flavor. Refreshing with a slight burn on the back end.


Bourbon Barrel aged Cherry Tobacco Stout — 13.0%
This 13% Abv brew was aged for 4 years in Bourbon barrels and then had Cherry Tobacco added to it. First sip you will feel the bourbon influences then chocolate and vanilla from the barrels then it rolls into a sweet citrus cherry and finally it ends with a lingering cigar like flavor. A great sipping story telling beer.

Kolsch — 5.0%
This easy drinking Pilsner base comes in at 5% Abv and smacks you in the mouth with a crisp clean body followed by a plethora of citrus flavors lime, orange, mango, and peach to name a few.

Gruit — 4.5%
This mid evil style brew uses herbs instead of hops. Enjoy the hazy 4.5% Abv smooth drinker while you take in the aromas and flavors of lemongrass and lavender.

Brut — 5.2%
A new turn on the old favorite IPA. This 5.2% libation is brewed with some extra enzymes which takes it down to a dry lip smacking finish. It is also only brewed with 1 hop variety, the new one that everyone loves, Strata. It gives this beer the flavors and aromas of mango, passion fruit, berries, and some say, weed.

IIPL — 6.8%
This big 6.8% Abv India Pale Lager is shockingly light and crisp. It also packs a lot from flavor, a slight nutty breadiness from the malt bill and some spicy, lime, lemon, and piney notes from the hops. For desert it has the tones of a new weed strain we might be playing with.

Coffee Blonde Lager — 4.0%
So you want some coffee and you want some beer but not much of either. This 4% Abv beer has just the right amount of coffee to make it noticeable but yet it is in a light crisp clean refreshing beer. Perfect to get the day rolling, especially from the night before.

Georgia Brown — 5.6%
Bringing back a fan favorite, our Georgia Brown. This 5.6% Abv has a velvet soft mouthfeel with a delicious chocolate taste followed by a little roasty nuttiness.

ESB — 6.0%
Bringing back another fan favorite and one of the first brews we created, not to mention it won a bunch of medals. This 6% Abv beer is well balanced with the 6 different types of malts and the 4 different hop varieties, a perfect 10. Slightly sweet and flavorful balanced by the earthy and citrusy hops with just the right amount of bitterness at the end.

Hazy IPA — 6.3%
The masses dig them and so do we. This 6.3% hazy brew is not crystal clear, it is thick and packed with smoothness. Where it lacks in bitterness it packs a punch in tropical and citrusy juiciness.

Single Hop IPA — 6.2%
This 6.2% blonde orange IPA showcases a hop so new it doesn’t have a name. Smell it, taste it, be the judge. Is it worthy of a name? 


22nd Anniversary Beer — 6.9%
Flanders Red

DH Berliner — 4.7%
Experimental hops XO6297 (orange, vanilla, berry, tropical fruit)


DH Berliner Azacca — 4.7%
Hops (mango, papaya, citrus, piney)


Fruited Berliner – Tangerine — 4.7%
Tangerine, Passion fruit


Fruited Berliner – Lulo — 4.7%
Citrus, tropical, lime


Fruited Berliner – Curuba — 4.7%
Banana, passion fruit


Utopian Fuzz — 5.7%
Brett beer with peaches and strawberries aged in white wine barrels


Barrel Aged Guide — 5.2%
American lager aged in bourbon barrels from ASW


Pat Korn Loves America — 8.8%
Red and white wine BA Brett beer and BA Imperial stout blend


Strain Saison — 5.0%
White wine BA saison with terps


Saison w/ Soursop — 5.0%
White wine BA Saison with Soursop