2021 Beer Menu – Coming Soon!

Heady hits from our 2019 Beer Menu


Pigeons Playing Ping Pong’s
— 5.2% ABV

A session IPA coming in at 5.2% ABV that was made with our friends in the band, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong. We used Simcoe, Waimea, and Azacca hops to give it some earthy, piney, citrus of lemon and lime as well as tropical notes like mango, papaya, and pineapple. Pigeons eat seeds, so that is our malts, 2 row and wheat, berries so there is a hint of Blackberry, and insects, so freeze dried crickets were added to the boil for true pigeon satisfaction.

“Already Gold” –
5% ABV

A crisp light refreshing 5% ABV golden ale with hops that add lemon, lime, and grapefruit citrus but also has floral undertones and then we added guava to give it some tropical flare.

“Fruition’s Fire”
— 4.7% ABV

Berliner Weiss style with peaches and fresh Jalapeños. 4.7% ABV Hazy, golden color was brewed with Fruition. Their last album release titled Fire was the inspiration for some fresh jalapeño and Fruition for the peach aroma and flavor. Refreshing with a slight burn on the back end.

SweetWater Experience Tent


Bourbon Barrel aged Cherry Tobacco Stout — 13.0%
Bourbon Barrel Cherry Tobacco Stout

Garden Party — 5.0%
Gruit with lemongrass, lemon balm & lavender

Struts — 6.5%
Brut IPA

New England Hash — 5.2%
Hazy IPA

AM Shift — 5.0%
Lager with coffee

IPPPPA — 5.0%

Already Gold — 5.0%
Pale ale with guava


Blue Yum Yum — 4.6%

Porter — 5.7%
with Hemp Strain

Hazy IPA — 6.1%
with Mowie Wowie strain

Sour Diesel — %
with a Dry Hopped Berliner

Narcos — 7.8%
Imperial Mexican Lager with Trainwreck strain

Strain Saison — 5.0%
White wine BA saison with terps and hemp type flavor


Lotus Flower — 4.7%
Dry hopped Berliner with Lotus hops

El Berliner — 4.5%
Dry hopped Berliner with El Dorado hops

Wake Up Juice — 5.8%
White wine BA sour with tangerine and passion fruit- 5.8%

Lulo Berliner — 4.7%
Fruited Berliner with lulo fruit.

Fruited Berliner – Lulo — 4.7%
Citrus, tropical, lime

Curuba Berliner — 4.7%
Fruited Berliner with curuba fruit

Utopian Fuzz — 5.7%
White wine BA brett beer with strawberries and peaches

Noble Oak — 5.2%
Bourbon BA lager

P.K. Loves America — 8.8%
Red and white wine BA sour blended with Bourbon BA Imperial stout

Sour Sop Saison — 5.0%
White wine BA saison with sour sop fruit

Fruition’s Fire — 4.7%
Jalapeno infused Berliner

SweetWater Experience Tent schedule

Step out of the sun and into the SweetWater Experience tent, a weekend-long craft beer centric event where you can taste your way through more than 25 unique styles of SweetWater beers and enjoy presentations on topics as wide as our brewer’s bellies.

Check back soon for more details about the 2020 SweetWater Experience Tent!