Full 2019 Beer Menu Coming Soon!

Check back for the tasty details.

Heady Hits from the 2018 Beer Lineup:


Ground Score – Kyle and Relix Collab — 7.1%
A special treat for us and you. Our friends Kyle from SCI and Dean from Relix came
up with the idea to make a killer beer, who did they call? Us, Bozo. Best thing, we did it. A big tropical, hazy IPA. This includes all of your senses, listen and feel the vibes of Kyle, brew.


Corsair Triple Smoked bbl — 4.50%
Berliner weisse base,  smokey, sour, boozy

Corsair Rye bbl — 6.0%
American Wild base, whiskey sour

Corsiar Rum bbl — 7.8%
Dark American Wild base, spices from rum and dark malt, and brettanomyces

21st Anniversary — 7.9%
Oud Bruin style, sour brown run over second use cherries

Coco Hill — 13.3%
Heaven Hill BAIS with Coconut

Italian Job — 12.4%
White Wine  barrel aged American Wild with Barbera grape juice

Coffee BBS — 12.4%
Bourbon BAIS with coffee and espresso from Java Vino

Belgian Rose — 7.0%
Red Wine barrel aged Belgian Strong with blackberries

Cambium — 6.2%
Foeder Aged American Wild

Cambium w/Tangerine — 6.2%
Foeder Aged American Wild with Tangerine

Cambium w/Passion Fruit — 6.2%
Foeder Aged American Wild with Passionfruit

Cambium w/Mango — 6.2%
Foeder Aged American Wild with Mango


Feelin’ New Zealan’ – Crosby Hop Farm — 7.0%
This 7% ABV brew is made with our pals from Crosby Hop Farms using some of their New Zealand hops presenting a little bit of everything from zesty > pine > lemon & lime > apricot > tropical flavor & aromas.

Problem Child – Soutbound Collab — 9.5%
This 9.5% Tripel is packing an Orange punch by using generous amounts of a hop that is so experimental it doesn’t have name. There is also a decent amount of Belgian Candi Sugar to give it some candy sweetness

MMV Pils – Bearded Iris Collab — 4.6%
This 4.6% ABV lite, easy drinking Italian hoppy, hoppy Pilsner was brewed with our friends from Nashville. A SweetWater collab with Bearded Iris.

Laid Back Brown – Riverbend Malt House — 6.8%
After the first sip of this 6.8% ABV Double Brown the impossible smile becomes possible. Our maltster friends from Asheville have brought the goods for this malt forward, flavorful libation.

Smoked Bobblehead Bob — 6.6%
This 6.6% ABV Smoked Porter is special because our old pals at our local BBQ joint took our malt, smoked it, and passed it back to us. Take a hit and pass the word of goodness.

Pat Korn Loves America – Pat Korn Collab
One red wine barrel, one white wine barrel, one stout barrel, Brown aged


2011 Festive Ale — 7.7%

2012 Happy Ending — 9.0%

2014 Festive Ale — 7.7%

2015 Festive Ale — 7.7%

New England Style IPA — 7.5%

Bourbon Barrel Stout — 11.2%

Cali Woody – 10%