“The folk singers job is to comfort the disturbed, and to disturb the comfortable.”

Woody Guthrie said these words many years ago, yet they still resonate today just as much as ever.

Migrant Worker makes music that hopefully gives justice to the above statement. Since forming in early 2012, Migrant Worker has brought their mixture of American Roots Music to the greater Atlanta area. Blurring the lines between Rock, County, Soul and Americana, Migrant Worker seeks to bring back the urgency and realness that was once so ever present in the musical landscape.

Their sound is not an easy one to pin down, at times turning on a dime from an electrified fiddle tune, to a funky Tulsa style groove only to drop a ballad that gets the whole crowd listening.

They have steadily gained a following in the Southeast opening and playing with the likes of Col. Bruce Hampton, Cody Dickenson, Geoff Achison, and many more. Migrant Worker releases their first full length album on January 3, early 2020.